Aquarius 2014 Horoscope

Aquarius 2014 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Aquarius Zodiac Sign 2014


To Aquarius, 2014 seems to get quite boring, all the way until early December, when the planet Mars enters and stirs some action. But until then, nothing much happens to Aquarius.

That’s because the Aquarius Zodiac sign in void of planets – not only in the 2014 New Year horoscope chart, which very much sets the stage for the year, but all through 2014.

The ones that go through the whole Zodiac in a year – Mercury, Venus and the sun – certainly pass through Aquarius as well in 2014. But their frequency makes them less significant. Things that happen annually are not that memorable. And the moon, circling the Zodiac in a mere month, is far to frequent to cause more than temporal effect, usually no more than mood swings.

Battle of the Minds for Aquarius 2014

The outer planets, which are much more important, stay out of Aquarius completely – except, as mentioned, Mars at the very end of 2014.

Mars brings a boost of energy and activity. It has a constructive as well as a destructive side. The essence is the energy and the impatient expression of it. In mythology, Mars is the god of war. The planet doesn’t necessarily bring such bad news, but its actions are sudden and forceful.

In Aquarius it will surely lead to dispute, arguments and battles between opinions. Things get serious, albeit mainly in a theoretical way.

Mars in Aquarius 2014.
The planet Mars enters Aquarius in December 2014, but plays a significant role for Aquarius the whole year.

Also, Mars has the capacity in Aquarius to refute old ideas and establish new ones, not taking no for an answer – often rightly so. Aquarius is a sign of the mind, and Mars sharpens it. But it’s not without resistance and opposition.

But this starts in December of 2014, when Mars enters Aquarius. Before that, Aquarius’ life is calm enough to be called boring.

Aquarius on a Quest for Truth

The calm is not necessarily something negative to Aquarius, not even if it reaches the point to be boring. Aquarius is the Zodiac sign of contemplation, and that takes some peace and quiet. So, the uneventful 2014 can really be a good thing for Aquarius – lots of times to think and ponder stuff.

A discreet help in this is the Aquarius sextile aspect to Aries, where the planet Uranus is in 2014. Well, the planet entered the Zodiac sign already by the end of 2011 and will remain there until 2019. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, so it is important wherever it resides in the horoscope, but especially so if Aquarius has an aspect to it.

Uranus is the planet of insight and advanced thinking, bringing new discoveries and a deeper understanding – exactly Aquarius’ cup of tea. In Aries the emphasis is on renewal – out with old thoughts, in with new ones, preferably radical and unexpected. Uranus becomes extremely innovative in Aries.

The sextile to Aquarius in 2014, and for many years to come, means that Aquarius is stimulated by these new thoughts bumping around in the world. Although not exactly the origin of them, Aquarius contributes to the process is an indirect way. Mostly, it stimulates Aquarius to some daring rethinking.

Aquarius is always on the quest for what is truth, real truth, so this Aries Uranus is a valuable resource by which to move ahead.

Glimpse of Chaos

In the 2014 horoscope, Aquarius also has a square aspect to Saturn and the Moon Node in Scorpio. These are about a kind of tension in the world between order and chaos, where the latter seems to be winning – at least in 2014.

That’s scary, but it’s also fascinating. And Aquarius knows that it’s a necessary prerequisite as well as consequence, if old ideas are to be questioned and replaced by new ones. But it’s not easy, and it does have its risks.

Aquarius gets the impression that a shift of paradigm of how we all look at our world is at hand. That’s not necessarily true, but at least there will be deep cracks in the old paradigm. This is threatening, so Aquarius is unsure of whether to accept or resist it.

Together with the above mentioned Uranus in Aries sextile, this promises to make 2014 a very interesting year for Aquarius – but as an observer more than someone participating actively. In the case of the Scorpio events, Aquarius is quite pleased with being no more than an observer.

The Need for Balance Is Obvious to Aquarius 2014

In the 2014 New Year horoscope, Aquarius has a trine aspect to Mars in Libra. That Zodiac sign is of the same air element as Aquarius. Also, Mars will reach Aquarius at the end of 2014. So, this aspect will have some influence over the whole year for Aquarius.

Libra is the sign of principles and uncompromising logics. With Mars this is even more emphasized. Firm dogmas are being formed and defended, especially regarding basic moral values.

Normally, Aquarius is not much for dogma and firmness when it comes to ideas (or anything else, for that matter). But in this case Aquarius sort of agrees with the principles emerging, as well as the necessity of them.

That’s because Aquarius can connect it to the Uranus in Aries effect of radical new ideas appearing – something quite opposed to the Libra protection of constant values. In their opposed influences, they need some kind of balance. One without the other would lead to an extreme outcome.

This is particularly important in 2014, but Aquarius is always aware of this conflict and its possible complications. Many others are ignorant of it. New thoughts are fine, but not all old thoughts are bad. And traditional values have a merit, but not if they are never questioned.

It’s a task for Aquarius in 2014 to safeguard that balance.

Aquarius Misses What’s Most Important in 2014

During the whole of our modern era, Aquarius is oddly ignorant of its most important process, which is that of increased ambition regarding home and family. It’s a world thing, described by the annual world horoscope chart, and will remain until we leave Greenwich Mean Time as the starting point for our time system.

It’s even more important in 2014 than previously or later on. That depends on the cluster of planets in Capricorn. Five are there: Pluto, Mercury, Venus, the sun and the moon. That’s half of the heavenly bodies considered in astrology. Pluto, Mercury and the sun even form a tight conjunction in the 2014 New Year horoscope chart.

The 2014 World Horoscope

The complete 2014 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2014. Click on it for a bigger image. Click here to read more about the 2014 world horoscope predictions:

The 2014 World Horoscope

This is a huge thing, influencing just about everything in society, especially in 2014. Little of what happens in the world will be as remarkable and lasting as things related to home and family. This field of life is in a process of becoming increasingly important and enforced, so that society more and more gets to orbit around it, with few exceptions.

But Aquarius is surprisingly unaware of it, although it happens quite near and has so many and big palpable effects. That’s because Capricorn is a neighboring Zodiac sign with no aspects to Aquarius. So, others will take for granted that Aquarius observes it all up close, and they are confused when they realize that this is not the case.

Aquarius is confused, too. Things are going on just about everywhere, and they seem to be important. But Aquarius fails to see the pattern, doesn’t predict what it will lead to or what it’s essentially about. To Aquarius, it all seems like chance incidents.

In 2014, when so much in the world has to do with home and family, Aquarius’ ignorance is as frustrating as it is surprising – more so to others than to Aquarius.

Calm but Interesting for Aquarius 2014

Mainly, Aquarius’ 2014 is a calm year, giving lots of room for contemplation – the favorite pastime of every Aquarius – and good reason for it. There is much in need of figuring out, so it has to take some quiet time.

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